Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review by Jane, Timeless by Amy Richie

3.5 Stars

Eva’s whole existence is for one thing…. to kill Dominick Letrell, a cruel and manipulative vampire who becomes stronger with age. To make his murder possible Eva must travel back in time 900 years to when Dominick was younger and weaker. She has been trained and strengthened since childhood through gruelling and painful sessions with David under the orders of Neleh, but when T-day arrives she begins to doubt her trust in David and has concerns over her own safety. Upon landing in the past her companions Max and Sols turn on her and inject her with a ‘memory cleanser’, at that moment all her fears are realised and she tries to escape. With a knife that Neleh had secretly given her, Eva manages to stab Max and Sols slowing them down allowing her time to run, but as the effects of the drug take over her body she becomes confused and falls into unconsciousness………..When Eva wakes up she’s in the home of a stranger, Nickolas, she feels safe with him and soon the pair fall in love. Constant nightmares of wolves and an angel confuse Eva more, are they just dreams or is it her memory coming back?

The book held my interest for about two thirds of it but after that it didn’t, it seemed to jump around a bit and though I wanted to see the outcome I found it a struggle to get to the end. Once back in the present there were many new characters introduced and it all felt a bit too busy. I became frustrated by the fact that Eva was constantly getting hurt. Dominick the ‘powerful vampire’ had claimed her as his and was always telling her she was safe with him, no-one would hurt her because he was there; yet she was stabbed in the stomach and she was tied to a table almost having her hands sawn off etc. Dominick really was not a good protector!

Timeless was a romance with a twist. There was action, intrigue and suspense. The whole business of time travel messes with my head though. If someone travels back in time, is the present as it is now because they travelled back in time, or will them travelling back in time change the now? But if them travelling back changes the now then why would they go back in time to change it? But if they don’t it wouldn’t be changed so how do they know to go back???? I’m still trying to work out if Neleh picked Eva to train because she already knew of the relationship between Dominick and Eva or if the relationship happened because she was picked??? Yeah you see what I mean….confusing!! My brain just isn’t good enough to get round it all!!!

Anyway, confusion aside overall this was a fun read, it definitely got my mind working overtime!!!…. It was well written and flowed easily, give it a go and see what you think.

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