Monday 19 November 2012

My first Self Published short story!


So today I have sent my short story "Guilt of the Innocent" over to Amazon to self publish. I'm learning the ropes since my books have previously gone through my publisher, but hopefully I've done a good job. I'm sure people will tell me if I haven't. Anyway, I thought I would post the cover and the blurb!

Rayne Marlow is trying to live a normal happy life. She has a good job, friends and boyfriend who she loves with all her heart. But Rayne has secrets and a tragic past that seems to endlessly haunt and torment her. 

When Rayne’s dreams turn violent and she is harmed by a creature lurking in the darkness, her lover is determined to get answers and cure her once and for all. Rayne must now relive her past, reveal her secrets, believe in her innocence and defeat the demon who is preying on her and intent on dragging her soul into the depths of hell.