Monday 2 January 2017

It's official, I'm bringing them back!!

I wasn’t going to announce this yet, but I just HAVE to! I am bringing them back! YES! I AM!

As a lot of people know, when I finished writing the Bloodlines Trilogy, a part of me died with it. This story, and especially the characters, mean more to me than words can say (and I’m a writer, I should know!). They saw me through some very dark times in my life and gave me a way to escape what was happening to me at the time. For some time, other than my family, they were the only friends I had (no sympathy or sadness please, I don’t do sympathy). 

When I finished writing Revelations, it was like a part of my heart and soul died. I haven’t been able to write properly since. I know it sounds crazy, but it really did have that much of an effect on me. I released Revelations in 2013, it’s now 2017 and I have only written two books since. TWO! And while I love the new characters in these stories, they will never mean as much to me as those found in Bloodlines. 

Last year, I briefly spoke to my mum about my writing and my thoughts on these books. Of course, she already knew what they meant and the effect no longer spending time with the characters was having on me. She said, “Bring them back.”  I told her I’d already thought about it, but wasn’t sure whether I should or not. It’s haunted me ever since I wrote the last words of Revelations. The thoughts of bringing my beloved characters back have never left me, and the need to do it has only grown stronger as time has passed by. 

While spending Christmas with the other half, and after listening to the Bloodlines Soundtrack (yes, it does have one. A damn good one lol). I decided to get another opinion. I explained about the books, what they meant to me, what they had done for me, and how I felt. He then told me I clearly wasn’t finished with the characters. That they were screaming in my head and heart for a reason. Then told me I should “Do it!” That I had the storyline, that I could do it justice and in a nutshell, “What was I waiting for?”

So, after a little more thought, panic setting in, and then sheer damn delight and determination, I made my decision. They are coming back. Another trilogy has been born. The storyline is fierce, heartbreaking, and strong. 

I feel complete again. I can’t wait to start it. However, these books need to be written in third person, and since the first three books are in first, that means a re-write of the whole trilogy. I can’t wait for that either. My writing has grown so much over the last few years, that I’m actually happy to be bringing the books up to the level I’m at now. 

I AM ABSOLUTELY OVER THE MOON! EXCITED! MY PASSION IS BACK! I was literally dancing and smiling my head off around the kitchen, listening to the soundtrack at full volume (and making my ears ring) at 4am this morning!

(Don’t worry, the other books will also be written for my other stories too.)