Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review by Jane. The incredible Heidi Wasabi by Helgaleena

4 Stars

Heidi finds it difficult to communicate with people and decides to keep a blog so she can tell people about her relationship with Rufus and Steen. This is the only way she can really let people hear her thoughts. Rufus and Steen are musicians but that is one area of their life she finds it hard to share with them.

OMG this is the strangest story I ever read. Rufus has a penchant for rubber dolls, Heidi is the ‘soul’ of his rubber dolls (there is more than one he has to keep replacing them because they often spring a leak!!). Written in the first person from Heidi’s POV we follow her as she tries to ‘grow’ into herself. How she learns to start feeling as her own essence rather than feeling through the doll………which oddly she ends up doing!!!….. At first only Rufus is aware that Heidi is ‘around’ but Steen soon starts to ‘feel’ her too and they both delight in her ‘sparkles’…..together!!

Although this book is clearly laced with sex, I wouldn’t call it erotica. There is talk of ‘cum’ and ‘wanking’ but it doesn’t contain ‘graphic’ scenes. It’s a romance and it’s all about love and emotion and at times is very touching.

I’m not sure if I liked this book, I definitely didn’t ‘not’ like it, I find it a bit surreal. It’s such an original piece of work that I have to admire the authors imagination. It is written in such a way that I started to feel for Heidi, I felt sorry for her, I felt happy for her I liked her and I didn’t like her…. I really am going to have to think about this book for a while before I can decide which pile I can put it in!!

So in a nutshell, The incredible Heidi Wasabi is an original unusual well written book that leaves you with lots to think about!

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