Sunday 26 January 2014

All that is going on!

So what’s new?

Well, just before Christmas, Bloodlines was officially released in audio format. Yay!! Very exciting. The narrator, Angie, is absolutely perfect. The editor Ben is a diamond to work with. The music and sound effects he’s used are wonderful! It’s like he’s known me all my life and gets me! So dark and delicious, perfect for the story.

The audiobook was released through Empire Voices. The owner of which, Joann H. Buchanan (also a great author) is great to work with. I hope this company goes far. She’s worked really hard.

Revelations was released mid last year and has so far been warmly received. PHEW!

I've had some wonderful reviews and feedback. This means so much to me. It was hard to finish this series. I suffered severe writers block - it lasted for months. I think my problem was that I just didn't want to let go of my characters. Writing this trilogy got me through some very hard, sad, and dark times in my life. It's my baby and I was genuinely heartbroken when I finished it, but knowing people have enjoyed it has put a smile on my face on more than one occasion. Thank you to all who have left the reviews and sent me messages. 

In other news, I’m re-writing Leticia. There are a few things I’m not happy with. I feel I’ve grown as a writer and I need to take it back to the drawing board. It will flow better and be much more atmospheric. There are also a few good ‘one-liners’ being thrown in there. 

It will also be getting a new cover. I've toyed with a few and now finally have a winner. I'll be posting it shortly. But for now, I'll stick with the old one. I'll be having a re-release party and I will show it there. Hoping everyone likes it. Personally, I can't stop looking at it LOL. 

I’ve been on location to where Betrayal will be set. It’s only about twenty miles away from where I live and is a beautiful place. It’s not too far from where Leticia began. For those who may want to know, it's set between Bamford and Castleton, Derbyshire, UK. Still steeped in history and some haunting mysteries. 

There is a big twist coming up, I just hope nobody sees it coming. 

This will also be getting a new cover. While I liked the old one I had in place, I feel the model is overused and I wanted something a little more unique. I'll be releasing this soon. But for now, I'm posting the older cover. 

My new websites are up and running. One is for my books and anything book related (be it mine or to share news of other authors releases). The other is for my graphics and photography. Happy with both and they will be regularly updated. 

I’m also working on my first adult novel. An urban fantasy. It’s coming along well and I’m hoping for great things.... fingers crossed! Even wrote my first naughty scene....eeeeek!
I’m growing my photography. I have a lovely young girl who will be modelling for me. So any book covers I create using her images will be unique. These photos will not be available on the stock sites! Originality is a great thing! Just need the weather to perk up a little so we can get started.

And for now I think that is about it. This year is starting off quite well and I have lots of things I want to achieve. I’m not being involved in anyone’s drama. I’m being cautious of who I trust and class as friends. Of course, as always, I will still be here for my friends and to help promote others in any way I can. But, I do intend on concentrating on my career. Let’s just hope luck is on my side this year!

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