Saturday 18 May 2013

A regularly asked question - answered!

Hey, a lot of people are asking me this question, so I thought I would answer it here and on my blog.

How did I become an author and where did the idea for Bloodlines come from?

Wow, now that is question. I didn't know I was going to be an author. I wanted to be an interior designer.

I first started writing when I was in my very early twenties. I had suffered a nervous breakdown, and a result was having panic attacks, as well as fighting agoraphobia. Writing was the only thing that seemed to calm me down and take my mind off all the horrible things that had happened. Never did I think I would become an author, I never dreamed my books would be published. I originally saw it as a way of getting through each day, just something to chill me out. I started by writing silly little stories about what I wanted with my own life. Like a futuristic diary of sorts.

I’ve had a love of horror, fantasy etc since before I can remember, so when I ran out of things to write about my own life – I started writing a little fantasy story. I hid it from everyone for months, then my mum caught me out. At first she thought it was a diary, and turned away so as not to invade my privacy. Then she realised she didn't recognise any of the names on the page.... She read it, told me to continue and out of nowhere Bloodlines came rushing to me.

Music helped to inspire me, and as I wrote, the storyline grew... a trilogy was born.

Keira - She's me in disguise. Ask anyone who knows me. The girl has my attitude and heart.

Lily - she is loosely based on my sister. She has some of her traits, and the tight friendship she has with Keira, I have with my sister.

Eligos - he is the guy I really wish existed. He's my fantasy lover.

The guys (Tyler, Danny, Jake and Lucian) - They aren't based on anyone in particular. Just friends that we (sometimes) all wish we had.

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  1. Sorry it took something so difficult to bring out the writer in you, but glad for the end result! Loved Bloodlines...